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Transparency in the Creative Process from Sara Tea

After my recent move (back) to Los Angeles I started receiving messages “I’m so glad you’re doing great in LA!” “Things are going so well for you!” all the while laying on my bed debilitated from a handful of health issues inside.  Baffled by these messages I came to realize that social networks had given the impression of a lifestyle that wasn’t really happening on the inside as well as a norm that people expected from me.  While I try very hard to curate an authentic online (taking photos in the moment, when it feels right, etc not a fan of staging) I realized by leaving stuff out, I was actually not being honest.  That said, as a freelancer my online sometimes blur the line between personal & business, so not every space was always practical for sharing. But by not documenting my challenges at all people had no idea what I was going through.  As someone with long term health problems, pushing through was the norm for me.  As those with longterm issues know, there is a point where people want you to be “better” & life goes on.  It’s how I survived & maintained.

So last week I decided to experiment & began talking more on FB (what has turned into a small collective of peers and sometimes just a great personalized version of Yelp, ha!) for support & advice in what I was going through with my health challenges.  I began to feel less alone, isolated & got some great advice.

This week as I spoke to my business coach (while laid out on the couch from another ailment) we started to go a bit deeper.  Could I share this process with more people?  Could this be a piece of my life, as well?  Versus just the presentation of creation, launching & expression?  The answer is, of course:  Yes.

So, here’s where I begin and I hope you join me :) Thanks for watching

5 Great Vines to Follow

I love Vine.  To describe it short & sweet:  it is a 6 second video sharing app.  What makes it different?  You’d be surprised how much you can capture in 6 seconds & the ability to live real time “edit” by tapping the screen.  The medium has become an outlet for many a comedians & those just documenting their lives & moments to life.  More action than a photo, for sure.

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Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to let you know some really great news:  I’ve done a second run of my first comic!  My first one was completed two years ago in an unexpected 8 hour day at the printers before heading to Comic Con.  Over the past two years it’s been carried at one of my favorite boutique comic book stores in Los Angeles Secret Headquarters & locally distributed by Narrow Books and thusly has sold out.  I have decided to give this comic some proper attention before I move on to my next one.

Above & Beyond the Comfort Zone: A Workshop w/ Sara Tea in Ann Arbor


Hi guys!  I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to present again at the Aprill Wellness Center located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I’m excited to be joining a group of creative professionals I respect to share my new workshop Above & Beyond the Comfort Zone this Thursday August 11th.   If you’re in the area & you’d like to join me , please do!  Or if you’d know someone  might be interested if you please this on to them I would surely appreciate it!  Here’s the Facebook invite as well.

Hey guys so I dusted off the cobwebs from a Myspace blog entry from March of 2008.  Here’s a recap of my advice for how to deal & enjoy the amazing city of Austin & those who choose to head to a city to share & enjoy music (and now assorted many other things including comedy, film & the interactive portion) etc.  Also here’s some photos from the showcase I threw the year before.