“Thurston blasts out sets of electro-inflected shrapnel and bass heavy artillery, all delivered with verve, intellect, integrity, and abandon. If you’re looking for a party in a crate, Sara Tea brings it.”

The Onion // by Jason Heller


“…one of Denver’s top DJ’s, Sara Thurston, for a live mix that taps into contemporary emotions latent in the hybrid storyline, a potent lure for the twentysomething demographic.”

Variety review of 1001 // by Bob Bows


“An economist might identify DJ Sara Tea as an example of a succesful independent business – a brand, almost – that has thrived through nimble diversification. Of course, that would require said economist to stop shakin’ it for a minute. Easier said than done. Getting people moving is what Sara T (aka Sara Thurston) does, at her regular “Danceotron” club nights – well, that, along with owning and operating a boutique (Chielle), providing a live soundtrack for the play 1001 at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, doing design work for and generally growing her own hip corporation of one.”

Six DJs You Ought to be Dancing To // Denver Post 

“Sara Tea prides herself on her hard-to-find vinyl collection and enjoys introducing audiences to new sounds. But despite her refusal to follow trends, she’s practical about being a DJ.

“Any DJ can get stuck in a certain style,” she said. “I don’t think I would appeal to as many people if I had just developed one style. If you’re not evolving you don’t get booked anymore.”

How cool is that? 1001 gets a DJ: Sara Tea brings her skills to live theater production // Denver Post


For “1001,” Sara Tea assembled a global soundtrack she says spans world music to modern-day minimalist electronica, including tracks from Justice, Muslimgauze, Thievery Corporation, Nitin Sawhney, Kraftwerk and DJ Cheb I Sabbah.
“I feel the pieces chosen will unconsciously – and consciously to some – lead the audience on an emotional journey through our different stories,” she said. “The avid music lover will make associations, and those who don’t pay attention to music as much, I feel, will still be moved by what’s been chosen.”


“DJ Sara Tea (aka danceolady Sara Thurston) is at the helm, spinning her brand of electro-booty and ’80s/’90s dance…Self-billed as “Denver’s No Bullshit Dance Party,” Thurston’s now-six-year-old baby started out in an inconspicuous warehouse space, and the once-a-month shindig has since popped up at various clubs and bars all over town, including Bender’s Tavern, the Marquis Theater and, most frequently, the hi-dive. It’s outlasted a number of similar-styled parties and still consistently draws a horde of dance-happy kids every month.”

Danceotron: Everyone into the gene pool at the hi dive // by

Music Mix Masters: Denver’s Star DJs tell what it’s like being the life of the party
// Rocky Mountain News


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“Sara Thurston, better known in Denver and the City of Angels as DJ Sara T., is a beat librarian who collects filthy bass and glitch electro from across the globe and lends it out — with no return date! — to an ever-expanding audience of shake-crazy fools. Danceotron, aka Denver’s No-Bull**** Dance Party, has been going on in some form for nearly the entire decade, and while it doesn’t go off quite as frequently these days — Thurston’s star rising as it is — when it does, all systems are go. And so you should.”

What’s Up? Five things to do this weekend //  by Alex Neth

“Thurston — better known in Denver as DJ Sara T — still has no shortage of associates, acquaintances and admirers. Besides co-owning Chielle, a quirky new boutique at 26 Broadway, she drums in two buzz-generating bands, Hot House and Clotheshorse (formerly called the Little Heads). But the energetic, shyly amiable overachiever is most famous for her hip-rocking residency, Danceotron. Billed as “Denver’s No Bullshit Dance Party,” the popular event snared Thurston a pair of major awards last year: theDenver Post‘s Best Underground DJ and Westword‘s own Best Dance/Electronic DJ. But despite all the love, Danceotron’s history has been as tumultuous as Thurston’s own.”

Tenacious T: Sara Thurston’s Danceotron is breaking beats and barriers // Westword